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2013 National Safety Month

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Is your family ready for an emergency? Planning ahead can help keep you safe if a flood, fire, flu pandemic, terrorist attack, or other emergency strikes. During National Safety Month, the Rutherford Polk McDowell District Health Department is working with community members to make sure families are safe.

Get prepared. Start by gathering an emergency kit and making a family emergency plan. Find out about the emergency resources that are available in your community.

Plan ahead. Here are a few simple items you can gather today to prepare for an emergency:

     • At least 3 gallons of water for each member of your family
     • Food for at least 3 days – choose foods that don't need a refrigerator, like canned fruit, energy bars, peanut butter, and crackers
     • Prescription medicines that you take every day, like heart or diabetes medicine
• A first aid kit to treat cuts, burns, and other injuries

Be sure to check out our social media networks for additional safety tips throughout the month.  

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