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Rutherford Polk McDowell Health District Selects Assistant Health Director

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Spindale, NC (November 18, 2015) – The Rutherford Polk McDowell Health District has selected Joshua Kennedy to be the district's 

Assistant Health Director effective December 1, 2015. Mr. Kennedy has been serving as Executive Director for the McDowell Health Coalition since May 2014. In his new role as the Assistant Health Director he will be 

Photo of Josh Kennedy

focusing on financial/billing, program operations, information technology and EMR/HIE. He will be engaged in all aspects of public health programming. Mr. Kennedy has both a passion for public health and experience in administrative operations of organizations.

Mr. Kennedy is coming on board at an exciting time for the health district. The district is engaged in numerous activities in the region designed to improve the overall health of those visiting, living, and working in the three counties. Mr. Kennedy has been engaged in several of these regional activities already and will bring additional energy and focus to the operations.

"The Health District serves a myriad of functions designed to improve the wellbeing of those in the community. Through these activities with partners in all three counties I have had the opportunity to interact with great people who share a passion for this community, which in my biased opinion is unmatched anywhere else. There are large and complex issues being addressed by the Health District staff and its partners through programming and awareness that will likely result in positive health outcomes as a result of continued collaborative efforts."

– Joshua Kennedy, Assistant Health Director

In his previous role as Executive Director for the McDowell Health Coalition, Mr. Kennedy was responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations and staff of the organization. He oversaw the collaborative efforts of several workgroups charted by the Coalition which include Access to Care, Behavioral Health, Social Determinants of Health, Healthy Eating and Active Living, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Tobacco Cessation, and Workplace Wellness. The drivers of these various chartered workgroups are members of the community consisting of local state and county agencies, business/industry partners, retired members, and local citizens. The core efforts of these workgroups range from chronic disease prevention to issues relating to social determinants of health, including educational opportunities and economic development.

"We are very excited to have Josh move into this role with our team. I have worked with Josh on previous projects and I know he is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of those we serve. In addition to his passion for public health, Josh brings a unique skillset that includes a keen business acumen, project management capabilities, and a high appreciation of customer service. His additional assistance and support, teamed with our existing highly affective staff, will position our health district and community for greater success on prevention measures and health outcomes."

– James Hines, Jr., Health Director Rutherford Polk McDowell Health District

About the Rutherford Polk McDowell Health District

The RPM District Health Department is composed of Health Departments from Rutherford, Polk and McDowell Counties. Our administration offices are located within the Rutherford County Health Department in Spindale. The Rutherford Polk McDowell Health District provides our community Health Services which are both mandated and non-mandated services to the citizens of our area. You can learn more about each of the services we provide by browsing website at, www.rpmhd.org.

Whether you are seeking Clinical Services or Environmental Health Services we strive to provide our community with outstanding service.

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