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WIC Office Update

Our WIC Offices are Open!

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The North Carolina WIC Program will resume normal operations as of Friday, October 11, 2013.  We are grateful to all of our community partners and residents to steeped in to address the need.  We live in the best community ever!!! 

If you have or need a WIC appointment please give us a call:

     Rutherford County: (828) 287-6238
     Polk County:  (828) 894-3888 *Open Monday & Thursdays Only*
     McDowell County:  (828) 652-2922 

For additional information:

     National WIC Association
     "Despite Government Shutdown WIC Programs Remain Open"



2013 National Immunization Awareness Month

We all need immunizations (also called vaccines or shots) to help protect us from serious diseases. To help keep our community safe, the Rutherford Polk McDowell Distrct Health Department is proudly participating in National Immunization Awareness Month.  Shots can prevent serious diseases like measles, diphtheria, and rubella. It's important to know which shots you need and when to get them.

Everyone age 6 months and older needs a seasonal flu shot every year. Other shots work best when they are given at certain ages.
• If you have a child age 6 or younger, find out which shots your child needs

• Find out which shots you or your teenager needs

Talk to our immunization nurses or your doctor to make sure that everyone in the family gets the shots they need. Our staff is available 8:30am until 5:00pm to help answer your questions.


2013 National Safety Month

Is your family ready for an emergency? Planning ahead can help keep you safe if a flood, fire, flu pandemic, terrorist attack, or other emergency strikes. During National Safety Month, the Rutherford Polk McDowell District Health Department is working with community members to make sure families are safe.

Get prepared. Start by gathering an emergency kit and making a family emergency plan. Find out about the emergency resources that are available in your community.

Plan ahead. Here are a few simple items you can gather today to prepare for an emergency:

     • At least 3 gallons of water for each member of your family
     • Food for at least 3 days – choose foods that don't need a refrigerator, like canned fruit, energy bars, peanut butter, and crackers
     • Prescription medicines that you take every day, like heart or diabetes medicine
• A first aid kit to treat cuts, burns, and other injuries

Be sure to check out our social media networks for additional safety tips throughout the month.  


Public Health Advisory - 23 April 2013

State Public Health Officials to Hold Information Session

Contamination in Old Fort Finishing Company Wells May Have Posed Health Risk to Community

RALEIGH - The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services will be holding an information session at the Old Fort First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall located at 203 E. Main Street on Thursday, April 25, from 3 to 7 p.m. to present the results of a public health investigation into contamination of the town's water system during the mid-1980s. New information is available that indicates a small number of people who lived in the town of Old Fort between 1984 and 1988 may have been exposed to levels of trichloroethylene (TCE) in the water that might increase their chances of developing non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, kidney or liver cancer.

Individuals over the age of 25 who lived in Old Fort and drank municipal water during the four year period in the mid-1980s are encouraged to talk with their physicians about potential risks of exposure.

"Our goal is to inform the public of a risk that may have occurred in the 1980s so that individuals can talk with their health care providers," said State Health Director Laura Gerald. "Any knowledge about potential exposure can help health care providers make more informed recommendations regarding lifestyle changes, health screenings and treatment."

The contamination was in a well that the Old Fort Finishing Company donated to the town of Old Fort when the plant closed in 1984. The well was disconnected from the town's water supply in January 1988 after the contamination was discovered. Three private drinking water wells nearby also were found to be contaminated and residents were connected to the municipal water system the same year.

The current investigation was precipitated by a citizen concern about potential airborne chemical exposures at Old Fort Elementary School. The citizen also raised questions about a nearby former dry cleaning operation that closed more than 10 years ago. Public health investigators determined there is no current risk at the school. The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources' (DENR) Dry Cleaning Solvent Cleanup Act program conducts periodic monitoring of conditions at the dry cleaning site to detect any potential change that could pose a risk to public health.

Public health and DENR officials will be available to answer questions at the public information session.

"We encourage citizens to come to the public meeting to ask any questions they may have," said Old Fort Mayor Garland Norton. "We will stay as long as necessary to make sure our residents are well-informed."

You may view the report and additional documents on the investigation on the N.C. DHHS' Division of Public Health website at http://epi.publichealth.nc.gov/oee/hace/by_site.html#oldfort


2013 National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

The Rutherford Polk McDowell District Health Department is teaming up with the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition in honor of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. During the month of May, we challenge you to include 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Did you know that regular physical activity increases your chances of living longer, healthier life? It also reduces your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Yet in our area a large number of individuals don't get enough physical activity.

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend that people:

  • Aim for 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week.  Moderate activity includes things like walking fast, dancing, swimming, and raking leaves.
  • Do muscle-strengthening activities like lifting weights and using exercises bands at least 2 days a week.
No matter what shape you are in, together we can rise to the challenge to get more active during the month of May!

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