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Communicable Disease Control

General Communicable Disease Control investigates all diseases, excluding STDs, HIV and TB, that are required to be reported by law in the State of North Carolina.  We implement and enforce control measures that are specific for certain communicable diseases in order to stop or limit the spread of these diseases.

How to Report a Communicable Disease
To request NC Communicable Disease Report Forms, please call any of our locations or you can download any of the North Carolina Forms at the following website:

Diseases Reportable within 24 Hours
Telephone reports are requested within 24 hours for diseases of unusual significance, incidence, or occurrence which may merit an epidemiological evaluation; and foodborne and waterborne outbreaks where a common source is suspected.  For diseases and conditions required to be reported within 24 hours, the inital report shall be made by telephone to the apporpriate person listed on the Communicable Disease reporting roster.  A Communicable Disease reporting form should also be completed and faxed.

Telephone reports should include:

Disease          Race of Patient
Date of Onset Sex of Patient
Patient Name Name of person making the report
Address Telephone number of person making the report
Age Laboratory Confirmation, if available

Diseases Reportable Within 7 Days
For diseases and conditions that must be reported within 7 days, a communicable disease report form should be completedand mailed to the appropriate person and Health Department site.  You can view our contact information at this page.

Additional Information
     Reportable Diseases in North Carolina

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